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This group, led by reputed mridangam maestro Vidwan Anoor Ananth Krishna Sharma, is a unique musical ensemble. Unique in its content and presentation, this group is already one of the most-sought-after bands in the concert circuit in India.

 This Fusion group boasts of having two of the most talented flautists of India, Vidwan M K PRANESH on the Carnatic flute and Suramani PRAVIN GODKHINDI on the Hindustani Bansuri. They have enthralled audiences the world over with their captivating solo as well as jugalbandi concerts. Both the Flautists are known for their creativity in their respective genre of music, so one can imagine the tides of melodious music that flow from their bamboos when they perform in tandem, in an attractive jugalbandi.

 The third dimension, that of western and contemporary music, which makes it all the more unique is due to the presence of the keyboards and drums. The subtlety of the keyboard chords on the Indian ragas make the ‘alaaps’ more divine and the rhythmic stroking of chords make the ‘taanam’ and the ‘bandishes’ more energetic. What more can a global audience ask for.

As the name itself suggests this group is a culmination of melody and rhythm. With the traditional percussions Mridangam (Carnatic) and Tabla (Hindustani) along with the Rhythm pads & drums (Western) being featured on one stage, the highlight is bound to be the ‘thani avartanam’ or the round of percussion solos, which will be an unforgettable experience for the connoisseurs.

The music that thus emerges from this wonderful team of musicians is going to remind you of the sacred rivers, temples, forests, the rich cultural heritage of India and everything that could be thought of India. It has everything: Khayal, Raaga, Taana, Pallavi, Thumri, Folk, Devotional, Jazz. 

Performers :
1) Vidwan Anoor Ananth Krishna Sharma – Mridangam
2) Vidwan M K Pranesh – Carnatic Flute
3) Suramani Pravin Godkhindi – Hindustani Bansuri
4) Vidwan V Umesh – Keyboards
5) Vidwan Arun Kumar – Rhythm Pads and Drums
6) Vidwan S Madhusudana – Tabla