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Mani Iyer

Mani Iyer has been learning violin from an early age and is trained in both western and Carnatic music style of violin. At the age of 10, his focus turned fully into Carnatic music violin. 

Initially a student of Mrs. Rajalakshmi Krishnan, Chairperson of Jayamangala School of Music for many years, he took advanced lessons from renowned violin artist, Ms Kanyakumari of Chennai for four summers. He won First prize in Cleveland Aradhana festival competitions three times in successive years. He performs as a violin soloist and as accompanying violin artist for leading vocal artists all over the East Coast in USA , notable among them being  Sangeethakalanidhi Mrs. R. Vedavalli & Mrs. Kiranavali in Washington DC metropolitan area and Mrs. Jayamangala Krishnamani in New York.