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R.A. Ramamani

Ramamani is an outstanding vocalist, a much sought after performing artist, a demanding teacher, and a brilliant composer. Blessed with a mellifluous voice, she sings with spontaneity and mastery over rhythm and melody. She specializes in vocal improvisations, complex rhythmic patterns and in "Konakkol"-the traditional percussion language. She is a rare artist who has achieved the distinction of presenting a composition simultaneously set to two different rhythmic cycles. She has presented Avadhana Pallavi with two different cycles of rhythm in Music Conferences. She has boldly experimented with Western forms of music and has composed several melodic and rhythmic experimental pieces. She is the first Carnatic Vocalist to have performed with national and International Jazz Bands. Mrs. Ramamani finished her Masters in Music with distinction in 1977 from Bangalore University. She has undergone training in Carnatic Music from Bellary Brothers, Anoor Ramakrishna, R.K. Srikantan and Palghat K.V. Narayanaswamy. She is the Vice Principal of KCP. She is also a lecturer at Institute of Choreography in Bangalore.

Ramamani has been conferred the award Ganakalashree by the Karnataka Gana Kala Parishat in 1992. She was declared the Best Female Vocalist by Indian Fine Arts Society in 1992. Many more awards have come her way. She has performed extensively in many prestigious sabhas of Karnataka, Chennai and all other parts of India. She has released number of CDs both in India and abroad. Ramamani has performed with leading artists of western music at major international festivals and has conducted music workshops in different parts of the world. She was on a concert tour to USA in the year 2003.