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Sanjay sharma

Sanjay sharma has been learning violin for the past 9 years. He started his initial training from Smt. Sandhya Srinath, and is now currently under the tutelage of Rajalakshmi Krishnan of the Jayamangala School, Maryland, and takes advanced lessons from Sri Delhi P Sunder Rajan of Chennai. Sanjay is also guided by Sri Srikanth Mallajosyula (of Ellicott City, MD) and Dr. Hemalatha of Chennai.

Sanjay has accompanied leading artists from India such as Sri R. Suryapraksh, Sri Ashok Ramani, Sri Nemani Somayajulu, and Sukanya Chandru. He has given many violin solo performances in India and the USA and frequently accompanies for concerts and dance programs in the Washington DC Metro area.

Sanjay has won many awards for Violin and was placed second in the Cleveland Thyagaraja Aradhana Concert Competition. Sanjay also plays the Mrudangam, and has accompanied for concerts on Violin as well as Mrudangam during the December Music Season in Chennai.

In addition, Sanjay plays Western Classical on the Viola, and also plays the Keyboard. Sanjay is a Sophomore at the Mount Hebron High school in Ellicott City, Maryland.