D. K. Nagarajan

Sri. Damal Krishnaswamy Nagarajan (DKN) was born in Kanchipuram, India to Damal Krishnaswamy Dikshidar and Rajammal. He had his initial training in carnatic music from his elder sister Sangeeta Kalanidhi Sreemati. D.K. Pattamal (DKP). 

D.K. Nagarajan was fortunate to be associated with many stalwarts like Sri.V.C. Vaithyanathan (disciple of Ariyakudi) Sri. N.S. Krishnaswami Ayyangar (disciple of Naina Pllai), Prof.P. Sambamurthi Iyer, Sri. Ambi Dikshadar, Justice T.L.Vekatarama Iyer, Sri. Papanasam Sivan, Harikesanallur Sri Muthaih Bhagavathar. DKN benefited from the tutelage he received from the above-mentioned vidwans. 

During the period of 1930 - 1950, D.K. Nagarajan accompanied DKP in concerts both in India and abroad; and subsequently with his brother Sangeeta Kalanidhi. Sri. D.K. Jayaraman.In 1971. he was posted to the Indian Embassy, Washington, DC, U.S.A. and he commenced teaching carnatic music in the Washington metropolitan area since then.

Awards and Honors

Sri. DKN has received several awards and accolades in his early age at his 

schools and college