K. V. Krishna Prasad

Vidwan K.V. Krishna Prasad is an eminent Carnatic vocalist hailing from

Bangalore although his family finds roots in the sacred town of Shringeri in Karnataka.

Having started his musical journey in his early formative years, today Krishna Prasad

has carved a niche for himself, garnering immense appreciation and praise for his deep

rooted knowledge and rendering of Carnatic vocal music.

His training started at the tender age of 8 under the tutelage of Vidushi

Geetha, Vidushi Swarnalatha and Vidwan M. V. Raghuram; which sowed the seeds of

infinite learning. Currently, he is pursuing professional training under the able

guidance of Ganakalabhushana Vidwan R. K. PADMANABHA.

He is the secretary of ‘Our School’ which facilitates unique learning through

art forms which is a typical academic school.

Proprietor of ‘Sri Vidya Associates’, a construction company.


His remarkable strengthened voice; resonant with deep devotion and tristhayi

sanchara makes him unparalleled in his rendition while appealing to a wide range of

audience and rasikas. Krishna Prasad’s pleasing persona coupled with his supreme voice

control, admirable command over the nuances of vocal music; be it manodharma, raga

alapane or simply the aesthetics of shastriya sangeetha, intonations, voice

modulations and many such characters make him a much sought after musician. His

proficiency in rendering of Raaga Taana Pallavis in special taalas such as ‘ashtottara

shata talas, melakartha talas’ are the ones which add to his credits. Mainly, his

rendition of Taanas of different types such as Shankha, Ghanta, Mayura, Chakra,

Nabhi, Bringa, Markata etc amuses the audience with his vocal capacities. Moreover,

the experience he shares while singing brings out a new colour to the audience

everytime he breathes.


Krishna Prasad heads ‘Sri Vidya Kala Kendra’, a music school for Carnatic vocal music,

teaching over 100 students.

Goshti gaayana’ is a concept where he teaches for all age groups and conducts classes

weekly in ‘Our School’ BSK and in ‘Sampatthu’ Kanakpura road.

A special concert presentation ‘Gaana Jnaana Sudha’, where a brief discourse will be

rendered by Sri. K. N. Venkatanarayan about the values of the krithi and about the

Vaggeyakara, the essence and the nuances in the composition, technical aspects of

style and format of the item and the values about Carnatic music before singing each

krithi, is explained.

He has been giving duet performance with renowned artist S. R. Vinay from past

6years in many prestigious sabhas all over India.

Musical trips’ to the birth places of vaggeyakaras are organized to enlighten the

cause of music.

A concept called ‘Gaana Chakra’ is conducted where in it is an opportunity for each of

his students to showcase their musical talent every year.

Music based ‘Workshops’ are conducted on a regular basis where there are lecture

demonstrations regarding the glory of Carnatic music through various illustrations.

Naada Chiguru’ is a monthly concert organized for the upcoming artists which takes

place either in his house or in Our school.


He is the ‘Youth Wing Convener’ for Karnataka Gana Kala Parishat.

The youngest to hold the post of an official Music Critic for the leading dailies

Prajavani' and ‘Deccan Herald’.

Composed music and background score for a famous audio book ‘Sandhya

Raaga’ written by Aa.Na.Kru.

Organized an art and music extravaganza ‘Yuva Kala Prathibotsava’ in 2007 which

provided a platform for 175 young performers in all art forms.

He created a new raaga called ‘Padmanabha Priya’ and composed a new Thillana in the

same raga for a special occasion with due respects to his Guru Sri. R. K. Padmanabha.

An expression on his guru has been published in the famous book ‘Na Kanda

Gurugalu’ published by Karnataka Sahithya Parishath.

Composed more than 100 compositons in Kannada and Sanskrit with ‘Venkata Daasa’ as

ankita which includes krithis, varnas and thillanas.

Took part in many Musical Plays such as;



Nadajyoti Tyagaraja

Vadiraja Darshana

Vadiraja Vaibhava


Best Performer Award' from Sunaada Cultural Academy – 2013.

Shankara Prashasthi’ from Jalahalli Shankar Mutt - 2012.

Sangeetha Visharada’ from Kolar Sangeetha Sabha - May 2010.

Nadajyothi Puraskara’ from Nadajyoti Sangeetha Sabha and

Ananya Yuva Puraskara’ from Ananya Cultural Academy - 2009.

Best Performer, Malleshwaram Sangeeta Sabha and

'Ananya Prathiba Puraskara'- 2006.

Best Performer, Sri Rama Seva Mandali.

'Prathibakankshi Puraskara' – 2003.

Nadalayananda prashasthi’