Usha Char

Smt. Usha Char is a professional musician who is currently a resident of Olney, Maryland, U.S.A. She has been a performing musician in Indian Vocal Music for the past 30 years. She had her initial training in music from Sri. T. Puttaswamiah and continued with advanced training from Sri. Anoor S. Ramakrishna. She is well versed both in the practical and theoritical aspects of the Indian Classical Music. She is an ‘A’ Grade artist, performing regularly over All India Radio and Television and she has given solo concerts at various places throughout India and USA. Usha has won several Awards including the Best Teacher Award from Cleveland Aradhana Committee, Individual Artist and Composer awards from Ohio State Arts Council, Maryland State Arts Council, Montgomery County Arts Council and other reputable organizations in USA and India. She is an active composer and has composed music for several concerts, dance dramas and plays. Usha is the Artistic Director of Nadatarangini, a non-profit association dedicated to the propagation of Indian music in USA. She is also the Founder and Director of Nadopasana, School of Indian Classical Music. She is currently training a number of students. Many of the students are concert artists performing at various places, both in USA and in India.


1983- Present: Artistic Director, Nadatarangini, Olney, MD.

Nadatarangini is a non-profit association dedicated to the propagation of Classical Indian Music in USA. It has organized the annual Music Festival in Maryland from 1983. This two-day long Annual Music Festival, conducted during the months of April/May, consists of music concerts by outstanding visiting artists from India and more than 300 artists from different parts of USA. Special Music functions, like 'An evening with Kalyani' (depicting the different facets of the melody Kalyani), 'Rachana Manjari' (demonstrating the different compositional patterns in Indian Music), 'Papanasam Sivan's Birth Centenary' (dedicated to the composer) have also been conducted. Usha has released professional recordings including 'Navarathnamalika', 'Vinayaka Vandanam', 'Devi Darshanam', ‘Vachanamrutha Dhaare’ and others. She has composed music for 'Shanthala' - a musical Dance-Drama, 'Ekalavya' - a Sanskrit/English play and a number of individual compositions.

1985- Present: Founder and Director, Nadopasana, Olney, MD.

Nadopasana currently trains a number of students in Classical Indian Music. Workshops, Seminars and Review sessions are conducted regularly. Concert training is also given to students.




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